File Title Length
Older (demoscene era) songs    
Elwood-Agony.mp3 (5.04M) Agony 5:30
Elwood-Beyond_the_rainbow.mp3 (4.06M) Beyond the Rainbow 4:26
Elwood-Far_away.mp3 (5.38M) Far Away 5:52
Elwood-Feed_your_supermind.mp3 (4.84M) Feed Your Supermind 5:17
Elwood-I_can_seek.mp3 (4.02M) I Can Seek 4:24
Elwood-Memorize.mp3 (4.37M) Memorize 4:46
Elwood-On_the_run.mp3 (3.81M) On the Run 4:09
Elwood-Outcast.mp3 (5.44M) Outcast 5:56
Elwood-Past_and_Present.mp3 (5.00M) Past and Present 3:38
Elwood-Stompin_little_scouts.mp3 (5.51M) Stompin Little Scouts 6:01
Elwood-Sunshine.mp3 (3.43M) Sunshine 3:45
Elwood-Take_me_there.mp3 (3.71M) Take me there 4:03
Elwood-The_only_one.mp3 (3.24M) The Only One Left 3:32
Elwood-Waverider.mp3 (4.12M) Waverider 4:30
Newer songs    
Elwood-WaveriderRMX2003.mp3 (4.30M) Waverider 2003 Remix 4:42
Elwood-Low_Horizon.mp3 (3.56 M) Low Horizon 3:53
Elwood-After_Hours.mp3 (3.42MB) 3:39

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Elwood is a Finnish electronic musician with a glorious demoscene past. The purpose of this archive is to preserve and celebrate his legacy. Feel free to download these fine MP3's (you won't find them from Elwood's own page!). Thanks to Jonas Nielsen for providing many of the files.

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